Larry Kramer, author, playwright, founder of ACT-UP, co-founder of
Gay Men's Health Crisis has a long commentary on PHILADELPHIA in the
Philadelphia INQUIRER.
The opening paragraph: "PHILADELPHIA is a heartbreakingly mediocre movie;
dishonesy, and often legally, medically and politically inaccurate.  It
saddens me to say that I'd rather people simply not see it at all."
In seventy inches (ca. 3500) words he cites chapter and verse.
(Philadelphia INQUIRER, Sunday, January 23, 1994, pp. N-1, N-4 ["Style
Aside from the substantive issues Kramer raises, the article raises
the film theoretical issue of the relationship between the world of
actuality and the world of film which has been under discussion recently
her and on H-FILM.
Cal Pryluck, Radio-Television-Film, Temple University, Philadelphia
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