This is a semi-answer to Brian Rose's query.  My impression is that
TV-L is a fan list (that's only an *impression* different from others)
Here are the names and nodes of some discussion lists dealing with RTF topics:
[log in to unmask]
  [send SUB request to this address]
[log in to unmask] or IUBVM.UCS.INDIANA.EDU [re: film music]
[log in to unmask] or ECNUXA.BITNET
This list was more-or-less accurate as of summer 1993;
but things do change.
You can subscribe to these lists by sending the message:
SUBSCRIBE listname   yourFirstName LastName
to LISTSERV@host
For example: to subscribe to CINEMA-L whose host is AUVM:
send mail to LISTSERV@AUVM
leave subject line blank
in the message write only: SUBSCRIBE CINEMA-L YourFirstName LastName
Requests to subscribe or signoff must be sent to LISTSERV at the host address.
Messages to the whole list are addressed to LISTNAME@host
so that a message for everyone signed onto the list CINEMA-L
should be sent to CINEMA-L@AUVM
The best way to find out about a list is to sub for a while;
getting off is as easy as subscribing.
To get off a mailing list send the command UNSUBSCRIBE listname
to [log in to unmask]  The command SIGNOFF will usually also do the job.
The machines will take care of the rest.
Cal Pryluck, Radio-Television-Film, Temple University, Philadelphia
<[log in to unmask]>  <PRYLUCK@TEMPLEVM>