>> The Smithsonian Institution Libraries is currently running an exhibition
>> entitled, "Tunnels! A Celebration." The exhibition covers the technological
>> and social issues involving many types of tunnels.
>> Martin R. Kalfatovic
>> Smithsonian Institution Libraries
>There is a French film, made by a famous auteur in the 50's, about living
>in tunnels after the world has been through the big nuclear war...I can't
>remember the name, but probably Cal Prylock or someone will know who
>and what this is...I think you should definitely do something with air-raid
>shelters underground, since this was a major theme in the 1950's....and
>the Moscow subway system...that's an incredibly tunnelling job...and subways
>in general...there's that great scene from Dressed to Kill in the subway--
>I'm only joking about that one...
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  -Could the French film be LA JETE, by Chris Marker?