> The Smithsonian Institution Libraries is currently running an exhibition
> entitled, "Tunnels! A Celebration." The exhibition covers the technological
> and social issues involving many types of tunnels.
> Martin R. Kalfatovic
> Smithsonian Institution Libraries
There is a French film, made by a famous auteur in the 50's, about living
in tunnels after the world has been through the big nuclear war...I can't
remember the name, but probably Cal Prylock or someone will know who
and what this is...I think you should definitely do something with air-raid
shelters underground, since this was a major theme in the 1950's....and
the Moscow subway system...that's an incredibly tunnelling job...and subways
in general...there's that great scene from Dressed to Kill in the subway--
I'm only joking about that one...
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