> I would like to apologize for starting this line of conversation.  I started
> it as a quick reaction, with out thinking it all the way through.  I
> relalize now that I needed to think more.  However comparing Schindlers
> List, a story about a past people throughout the world are trying to deny
> ever happened, and multiple movies on history that peple accept, is a
> questionable idea.  While I agree that remembering the past is a wonderful
> idea, more fact based information should be documented so that people
> remember.
        Don't apologize.  I think this line of conversation is very
informative.  I am not clear on the history that people accept, though.
Who are these people?  I had a student tell me the other day that I
recruit students (for a seminar committee that I chair) on the basis of
affirmative action rather than on the basis of individual merit.  Now, have
*these* people accepted history, do you think?  Isn't this enough fact
based information?
        Gloria Monti
        Yale University