> don't hold me to the fine details here, but the film
> THE NAVIGATOR, which i believe is from the late '80s and
> new zealand, turns entirely on the task of building a tunnel
> through the earth and time, from the middle ages to the present,
> in order to save the protagonist community from the
> bubonic plague
Here are some basic details re: The Navigator.
    THE NAVIGATOR: a medieval odyssey
    Canberra, A.C.T., Australia: Ronin Films, 1989
    Director: Vincent Ward
    Producers: John Maynard, Gary Hannam
    Abstract: A young boy in medieval Cumbria has a vision that his
              mining community can only survive the plague if they
              place a spire on a distant cathedral before dawn.
              They dig down an old mine-shaft to the other side of
              the world, emerging in present-day Auckland (New
    Ronin Films
    P.O. Box 1005
    Civic Square, A.C.T.  2608
Hilary McLachlan
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