As I watched "Cabin Boy" last night, it dawned on me how fine a
line there is between silliness and stupidity in films.  I'm a
big Chris Elliot fan, and enjoyed the film very much.  I have to
admit though, that it can't have been too different from any of
those "Ernest" movies (having never actually seen an "Ernest"
movie, I can't say for sure).  Anyway, "Cabin Boy" was good,
stupid, silly fun, and David Letterman's cameo proves that as an
actor, he's a wonderfully talented talk show host.
I was just wondering if anyone else out there has any favorite
silly/stupid guilty-pleasure films they'd like to admit to.
Freezing my butt off here in San Diego (68F and climbing).
Holy electric blanket, it got down to the high 40's last night!
- Chris W.