I posted a private message to Robert Hurst concerning his interest in
the future of American Higher Education.  Since I have now read a
second post -- on this list -- on the same subject I will post this
to the list for anyone who is interested.
If you are not, I'm sorry to be taking the time on this list discussing
something that isn't exactally film/TV
The Wingspread Group on Higher Education just completed an open letter
to those concerned about the American future and higher education.  Thsi
report is _very_ interesting and is available via:
ftp to csd4.csd.uwm.edu
then change directory to pub/wingspread/report.txt
If you need help you can e-mail [log in to unmask] (they are real nice-
I needed help!)
This should make interesting reading over the Hols.  I found the
attached esssys the best thing about the report.
Melissa Price
[log in to unmask] (Internet)   melissa@univscvm (BITNET)