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A discussion of frequently asked questions about film schools.
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*  SCREEN-L FILELIST for LISTSERV@UA1VM or [log in to unmask] (Internet):
  PROV1    ASC     PROVINCIAL NOTES, #1, commentary on pop cult
  FILM90   DAT     1990 Film Database--credits for 1990 releases
  FILM91   DAT     1991 Film Database
  PREV9206 ASC     PREVIEWS...., a magazine of film info, June 1992
  GAYLES   ASC     List of gay/lesbian/bi documentaries (U.S.)
  PREV9207 ASC     PREVIEWS...., July 1992
  PREV9209 ASC     PREVIEWS...., September 1992
  PREV9304 ASC     PREVIEWS...., April 1993
  SCSJOB   ASC     Job listing, from Society for Cinema Studies
  PRYLUCK  UFVA    Documentary panel outline, UFVA Conf., C. Pryluck
  BUTLER   ASC     Jeremy Butler on DESIGNING WOMEN (SCS paper)
  SCSGRAD  ASC     Graduate student list, Society for Cinema Studies
  CYBER    SYL     Cyberpunk syllabus, by Russell Potter, Colby College
  VIDLIST  ASC     Mail order videocassette sources
  SCIENCE  ASC     List of scientists in film
  FOLKRAD1 TXT     Folk/acoustic radio shows (550 lines long)
  FOLKRAD2 TXT     Folk/acoustic radio shows (550 lines long)
  FILMSKUL FAQ     Film school discussion on SCREEN-L
          Shall I part my hair behind?  Do I dare to eat
              a peach?
          I shall wear white flannel trousers, and walk
              upon the beach.
          I have heard the mermaids singing, each to each.
          I do not think that they will sing to me.
                                      --T. S. Eliot
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