>Although 2010 isn't as good as 2001, I wouldn't call it a bad movie.
>It does seem out of date with it's USA vs Russia theme, but as far
>as a sequel I found it enjoyable. What did you find wrong with it?
Well, exactly because it is a sequel my judgement is less lenient toward it.
This movie made some $$$ by paraphrasing a famous title and a famous story,
rather than on its own merit. This is a mild form of plagiarism, so I am
especially critical of it.  Besides, the acting is so pretentious and false
(esp. that "russian" lady).  It adds nothing to the original in terms of
plot either.  I wish I never knew what the monolith really was.  For those
in the list that have seen the original, my recommendation is don't see
the sequel (unless for academic study, like the original poster).
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