Woody Allen's "The Front" is a good start on the McCarthy era.  Not the
typical Allen movie where he plays the psychotic that I have come to
believe all New Yorkers are.  This is more similar to the "Danny Rose" movie
in some respects (and only some).
Also, I have seen a documentary with excerpts from the actual hearings, in a
journalism class I took ~5 yr ago.  Edited, of course (you don't want to
hear countless days of testimony).  I don't know the name of the film, though.
If you absolutely want something documentary, I will try and search the name
and address of the professor whose class I was in.
Also, I think the US still is in a type of a McCarthy era, why are you talking
in the past tense?  But that's a very long story, better taken to another
discussion group (maybe).
Aris Gerakis
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