> FMJ is by far a more accomplished Vietnam War picture than Platoon ever was.
> (Did anyone ever see Hearts and Minds? Was that a theatrical release? Is it
> available on video--nevermind, I know itis).
> As such, it's a lot better than the Shining to me (much scarier), and one of
> his best, if not his most arty.
Mark, _Hearts and Minds_ was released at a time (mid-70s) when people were
very unwilling to entertain much reality about Vietnam. (This, anyway, is
my impression--based on using the film in a 1986 class). Consequently, it
bombed at the box office, as did another fine movie of that time,
_Going Home_, with John Voight (hope I got the names right). _Hearts and
Minds_ contains some gorgeous irony--I especially like the four-star
relative of Patton talking about a solemn occasion involving the dignity
of fighting men, and then cracking a smile to say, "they're not just
good men, but a bloody good bunch of killers too!"
I'm interested in why you think _FMJ_ is a superior Kubrick. It
seems to me like another one where old K had it for a while and
then lost it (and wants you to know he did). I wouldn't say this
about all of his movies, just one or two.
(PS Mark--glad to see you on h-amstdy)
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