E L E C T R O N I C   M E S S A G E
                                        Date:     17-Aug-1993 09:05am EDT
                                        From:     Stephen Hart
                                        Level:    Post-secondary/University
                                        Tel No:   904-644-4839
TO:  Remote Addressee                     ( _jnet%screen-l@ua1vm )
Subject: re:Daughters of the Dust
According to The Video Source Book, '93 supplememt, _Daughters of the Dust_
is available on VHS format from Kino on Video (address below) for $79.95.
It may be available from other distributors, but the high price tag will
probably be the same for at least another year.
The story takes place in 1902, when a family of slave descendants
contemplate moving from their home on the Sea Islands off the Georgia coast
to the mainland.  The family, made of of five women, reflect on their lives
and the change which will result from the move.  The film is the feature
film debut of African-American director Julie Dash.  It was shown here on
the PBS station and on the campus film series last year:  Unfortunately, I
missed it both times.  Video Source Book rates it at three and a half
Kino on Video
333 W. 39th St., Ste. 503
New York, NY 10018
Stephen Hart, Florida St. University