Does anyone know of a film which might feature/include
someone crooning, "Blue Moon?"
Being as how August shall include said lunar event,
I would love to extend my Blue Moon celebration into
the cinematic arena!
Thanks in advance,
Barbra Brady
Weatherspoon Art Gallery
UNC Greensboro
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Kenneth Anger had a film that uses "Blue Moon".  The film opens  with the
entire frame tinted blue, and  a clown in  an artificial  forest, made of
tinsel foil.  The camera then cuts to a blue moon and then the music kicks in
"Blue Moon".  The problem is, I don't actually know the title of the film.  I
think it is circa 1971 or 72, but the film is not listed in P. Adams Sitney's
VISIONARY FILM 2nd  Edition.  The last time I saw the film was  last year,
when Anger visited Toronto's Plesure Dome Collective's retrospective of his
Joey Schwartz
Film Moderator, Matrix BBS
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