On Mon, 2 Aug 1993 12:57:00 CDT Chad E Dell said:
>I've just been given the assingment to lecture an advanced video production
>course, and I'm still searching for an adequate text or texts.  The course will
>focus on single-camera production, and will be concerned both with documentary
>and narrative genres.
     You might look at DIRECTING TELEVISION AND FILM, by Alan A. Armer.
(Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Publishing Co., 1990, 1986)  It covers both fiction and
nonfiction, most of the basics about dramatic structure, visualization, charac
terization, actors, etc., plus set-ups for some standard television formats.
No film bias.
     For the technical end, there's ELECTRONIC CINEMATOGRAPHY, by Harry Mathias
 & Richard Patterson, also a Wadsworth Book.  The subtitle is "Achieving Photo
graphic control over the Video Image,"  and it's really superb on the technical
                          Best, Robert
                          Brooklyn College and New York City