I just joined this list, so maybe this has been mentioned, but how about
La Bamba for flash-forward movies. I think this version happens a lot in
movies about people who the audience knows will die by the end - I can't
think of any other examples, but I know it felt pretty clicheed in La
Also, this isn't a movie, but very "cinematic": Alan Moore's "graphic
novel" The Watchmen. The omnipotent Dr. Manhattan exists in all points of
time at once, and bounces from one time frame to another.
While I'm at it, I might as well introduce myself. I'm Ted Friedman, a
second year grad student at Duke's Program in Literature and Literary
Theory. I also do freelance writing, mostly music criticism; I've
contributed to Details, Spin, Vibe, and The Source. I do mostly Cultural
Studies at Duke; I've been trying to find some middle ground between the
world of High Theory and of rock criticism.
I liked Last Action Hero more was I supposed to, but not as much as Super
Mario Brothers, Meteor Man, Hudson Hawk, or Ishtar. I read some film
theory, but I have a tendency to get impatient and go back to my Pauline
Kael collections.
I think my favorite film of all time is Absolute Beginners, although I
recognize that choice as completely indefensible. OK, I love Blade Runner,
Thelma and Louise, Duck Soup, and Bannanas about as much.
-- Ted Friedman