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                   History On-Line
               announces the debut of
                Beginning September 1
     H-FILM is a free international forum to promote
the scholarly study of film, television, and popular culture
           and the use of media in teaching
The primary purpose of H-FILM is to enable scholars to
communicate their current resarch and teaching interests
and test new ideas.  H-FILM will feature:
  --reviews of books, films, and documentaries;
  --announcements of grants, conferences, and jobs;
  --course outlines, class handouts, syllabi, and
  --discussion of film history, mass communication, and
    popular culture
  Send this message to [log in to unmask]
  or to [log in to unmask]:
     SUB H-FILM Firstname Surname, Your School
There are no dues or fees of any kind.  Subscribers only
need an address on Bitnet or Internet.
Send posts directly to:
   [log in to unmask] or [log in to unmask]
To respond to an H-FILM post, use the REPLY command.
You can use your word processor to create a post. Simply
save your document as a plain ASCII file (a "text" or
"DOS" file) before uploading it and sending it.
H-FILM will be moderated to filter out extraneous messages
(like requests for subscription) and items that do not aid
the scholarly dialogue.  All contributions will be part of
the public domain and can be freely used, printed, copied
or retransmitted if credit is given the original author.
Send all questions to:
  Steven Mintz  <[log in to unmask]>