Mark Bunster asks: "Are there good sources on the availability
and archiving of US Government films (including or not Capra's
psuedo-govt films)?"
The National Archives Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Branch
is the official repository of government-produced or acquired
films that have been deemed historically valuable.  We have hundreds
of thousands of titles, including the Capra series.  We have
large military collections, civilian agency collections, and a
sizeable donated materials colection that includes newsreels
(Universal, March of Time, Fox, Paramount).
We do not loan material but make them available in our research
room.  We will perform limited free research (2 or 3 titles or
subjects).  Fax us at (202) 501-5778 or write us at 7th &
Pennsylvania Aves, Washington, DC 20408.  Expect a reply in
several weeks.  We can also provide copies of specific items -
costs vary from $60 for an hour of non-broadcast quality video
to hundreds of dollars for broadcast quality video and film.
Please note we will be moving to new facilities in College Park,
Maryland, in the spring, and will be suspending services December
13 through March 21, 1994.
We have placed some general information in the FTP site
E-mail or call me if you have any questions.
Debra Wall
National Archives
Motion Picture, Sound and Video Branch
(202) 501-5449