On Wed, 18 Aug 1993, Tracy Collins Standley wrote:
> Heather,
> No that was not your imagination.  I went to see The Fugitive this weekend
> and also noticed that Mel Gibson was directing The Man Without A Face.
> This may prove to be interesting.
> As for Patrick Swayze's new movie, the name is "Father Hood".  I'm
> assuming the premise will be something to the effect of a father who is
> also involved in crime.  I didn't see anything but the movie poster, but I
> thought it was a little boy rather than two girls - I may be wrong on that
> though.
> If you find out any more about either, let me know.  I'm always interested
> in movies with good looking men.
> Tracy
Tracy and Heather-
        Yes, Mel is directing his new movie "The Man Without a Face."
It's about an ex-teacher who tutors a boy so he can go to some sort of
elite school and the friendship they create.
        Swayze's movie, "FatherHOOD," is about an ex-con who is on the run
from the law.  His kids are with him, although not by his choice.  I
thought it was one boy and one girl that traveled with him.  It appears to
be about their adventures on the run.  From what I can tell, mabye he was
once estranged and now is trying to forge a new relationship with them.