Hi! Can anyone solve my query?
I just watched *Bell, Book and Candle* (Rjchard Quine 1958, Kim Novak ,
James Stewart et.al.). About a third into the film, there's a cabaret
scene featuring a long, thin French singer (!); he does one song of
which the chorus begins "Je suis noye, assassine", then disappears. Of
course the credits were at the beginning when I wasn't paying attention
and none of my books mentions him. Can anyone identify him for me?
        And -another `how many films can you think of?' sort of query
tagged on: does anyone know other instances of French singers appearing
in Hollywood movies, either as singers or actors? (Maurice Chevallier is
discounted!!!) There was the film Montand made with Marilyn Monroe (The
Millionaire?) but I don't know if he sang in it.
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