28-JUL-1993 12:35:30.90
*>*>Mike Nesmith's "Repo Man" ...
*>What does Mike Nesmith have to do with Repo Man?  Wasn't the writer
*>and director Michael Cox?
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*I don't have the video on hand, but I believe Mike Nesmith (former Monkee
*and director of "Tapeheads" - am I at least right on that one? - brought it
*to the screen.
*If I'm wrong, I will force myself to listen to "Daydrem Believer" - don't
*tell me, originally Neil Diamond - for the next twenty-four hours.  :-)
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Excuse me, my little movie database program was wrong. Whoever set it up
entered the credits for the producer and director as Michael Cox.
It's been corrected and disciplined.
My Blockbuster video guide and several postings have set me straight.
Alex Cox is the director; Michael Nesmith is the producer.
Yes, he was a Monkee; later to become heir to his mother's fortune.
She invented white-out and it was later sold to Gillette(sp?) for a
_serious_ piece of change.
Max I'mNotYourSteppingStone
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