I'm not sure if I understand the question, but I think these images
have been nothing *but* co-opted into standard Hollywood fare.
        Most often, punk imagery is used in that tired old trope of the
baddass with a heart of gold.  Depending on how you define punk, I guess
one example (albeit Hollywoody) is _Pretty in Pink_ where the feisty Record
Store manager (played by Annie Potts) acts as the mother figure to Molly
Ringwald's brooding li'l lip-biter.  Her maternal musings could be seen as
contradictory to the values (?) of punk.
        IMHO, attempting a postmodern treatment of punk might be a little
like trying to picking up the tweezers with the tweezers; irony,
appropriation, self-consciousness, and disdain for hierarchies seems to be
pretty central to both "movements."  However--being a poseur of no small
renown--I'm an expert neither on POMO or punk, so take all I say with a
man-sized grain o' salt.  :-)
        Happy punking!
Merlin D. Mann
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New College, '90