Repo Man? I think you could connect that. It has been called the best
movie about the punk movement, because it uses the punk culture as a background,
   eliminating the need for knowledgeable readers to ask questions about its
        Getting back to your question...Punk is definitely used ironically in
Repo Man. Otto (Emilio Estevez) seems to fit the part, but is actually posing-
he abandons his punk outfit very quickly when he gets his repo job. And Archie
and the other gangsters are overdrawn as punks-they are almost caricatures.
Archie, at his death, seems to realize this, when he half-heartedly (and
amusingly) blames "society". Otto responds that he's just another middle-class
suburban punk-further suggesting he was just posing. In fact, the whole sense
one gets from this film is of punks who are "authentic" yet know that punk is
for many of them just a pose. Yet at the same time this story could not be told
with any other characters or subculture.
                                                Dan Case