On Tue, 27 Jul 1993 14:37:16 EDT Brian H. Sealy said:
>meant in the punk subculture of their origin.  What would be a third
>text in this continuum, in which punk insignia get used self-consciously
>or ironically--dare I say, in a postmodern way?  By people with some
>connection to the originating punk subculture, perhaps, or at least more
>authentic connections than Hollywood can claim, but not without a
>consciousness of using clothes, music, lifestyle, as much for their
>own sake or because they have taken on some sort of meaning of their
>own as because that's what happens to identify the characters in the
Hmmmmm, I'm not sure if this fits (because it's a documentary and
because I'm not sure there's much irony here), but Penelope "WAYNE'S
seminal punk figures (e.g., Black Flag, Fear, Germs, X, Circle
Jerks...mostly LA bands) and represents them with a certain
"authenticity" (can this word be used without quotation marks in
a pomo world?).
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