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                                        Date:     28-Jun-1993 08:37am EDT
                                        From:     Stephen Hart
                                        Level:    Post-secondary/University
                                        Tel No:   904-644-4839
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Subject: re:Robert de Niro
De Niro did a film quite recently.  I don't remember the title.  The plot
centers around the coming-of-age of a young boy.  De Niro plays his abusive
stepfather.  It takes place in Brooklyn, I think, around the fifties or
sixties.  The movie is based on a book which is an autobiography or
autobiographical.  Judging by its quick appearance at the bargain cinema
here, I don't believe it did well at the box office.  Am I thinking of _Mad
Dog and Glory_, or a flick that came afterwards?
Stephen Hart