I've come across some additional information that might be helpful for
    using PMC-MOO, the site of the SCREEN-L conferences.
    I sent out a much longer document before that explains much of the
    basics of using the MOO.  If you need that document, contact me at
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    PMC-MOO provides various ways to communicate with people who are
    connected to the MOO when you are.  Unfortunately, not all MOO users
    are as polite as they should be.  However, the MOO does offer ways to
    lower the jerk factor and shield yourself from annoying MOO users, or
    "players," as they are called in MOO lingo.
    Here are a few commands you can issue that will help out (the upper
    case letters are commands; the lower case letters should be replaced
    with someone's or something's name):
    @GAG playername  (to totally shut someone up)
    @EJECT playername (to kick someone out of your home)
    @REFUSE action FROM playername (to stop someone from doing something)
    If someone becomes offensive, he/she should be reported to the persons
    in charge of PMC-MOO.  These persons are called "wizards."  To connect
    with a wizard, the following commands may be heplful:
    @WIZARDS ALL (to see all the wizards who exist on this MOO)
    @WIZARDS (to see which wizards are currently logged on)
    @PAGE wizardname (to page a wizard who is currently logged on)
    @SEND wizardname (to send mail to a wizard, logged on or not)
    You can also report misconduct via the Internet, by writing:
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    Happy MOOing and see you on Monday!
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