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                                        Date:     06-May-1993 08:16am EDT
                                        From:     Stephen Hart
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Subject: re:single father sitcoms
Include BENSON to the list.  The Governor on the show was a widower with a
About BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and TIGHTROPE:  Neither are sitcoms!
Mark, I thought of FAMILY AFFAIR initially, but didn't name it for this
technicality:  Bill is the kids' uncle, not their father.  However, there's
a strong case for him (and French) to be considered their father.
There's a sitcom on CBS on Monday nights with John Ritter.  I can't
remember the title, and saw about half of one episode. He has two sons and
I'm not sur
e whether or not that he's married.  Can someone help?
Stephen Hart
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