Someone posted this address sometime ago, claiming that they were
very complete.  I as yet haven't tried them.
Script City
8033 Sunset Blvd., Suite #1500
Hollywood, CA 90046   Tel: (213) 871-0707
There is also one FTP site,, which
has 10 to 20 movie scripts very interestingly annotated.  I'm not sure
which directory it is in, pub/something or misc/something I think.  Also,
they have Rush Limbaugh transcripts and Simpsons transcripts, the latter
complete with things like the source for the name of Bart's putter in
the episode entitled Dead Puttin' Society.
the episode entitled Dead Puttin' Society.,
The name of the putter is, I think, Charlene credited to the name of
someone's gun in Full Metal Jacket.
Anyway, I would be interested to know of more sources and other
FTP sites.
Max _FollowingThisThread_
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