Hello out there -
Since I uses movies to teach about relationships (to learn about them too!),
I often have to make transcripts (and/or have students make them). This takes
a vast amount of time (as much as 40 minutes to final print of 1 min of
interaction). So imagine my delight when I came upon published scripts of
movies I like to use (e.g. Scenes From A Marriage, When Harry Met Sally,
Sex Lies & Videotape, etc.). The question is: Is there any way to find out
about the availability of these scripts other than looking at Books In Print
unde the name of the director? And, are there any bookstores that specialize
in this kind of thing? (For instance, I found a scripts of Do The Right Thing
and Malcolm X, but not of Jungle Fever). All information welcome.
Den' Raphaely