I generally stand by my defense of the program and the episode that I posted
last week, though I have some reservations. As I thought on it this weekend,
what bothers me the most was the complete absence of any reference to the
possability of bisexuality. After all, why should she have to choose which she
prefers, as if sexuality was an either-or question, and why should we have to
raise the concept of "elective lesbianism" if we could simply acknowledge that
most of us, as Freud said so very long ago, have the potential for bisexuality.
I still suspect we have not heard the end of this issue; the program has
 returned repeatedly to the issue of teen sexuality from episode to episode. I
it deserves points for having a major character actually flirt with the
 possability without running away in horror and for suggesting that sexuality
 may be
more complex than most of us acknowledge.