The J. Butler Award for Most Obscure Hommage (French spelling in
    deference to ace-hommager Jean-Luc Godard) to THE SEARCHERS (quite a
    bit of competition in this category) goes to:
    Last week they had an episode in which Ren and Stimpy were pretending
    to be monkeys in a zoo.  Toward the end, the zookeeper--who has a
    stage-Swedish accent a la John Qualen's character, Lars Jorgensen, in
    THE SEARCHERS--exclaims, "Next time I raise pigs, by golly!"
    This quotes my favorite line from THE SEARCHERS.  When the Jorgensen
    cattle are run off at the start, Lars reasons, "Next time I raise pigs,
    by golly.  Nobody ever run off pigs.  Bumblebees, by golly!"
    Can anyone top that for obscurity?
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