Somehow my SCS conference information posting got mangled and
divided into three incoherent parts, so I'll try again.
The Society for Cinema Studies (SCS) Conference will be held
At Syracuse University, March 3-6, 1993, in Syracuse, New York.
The theme of the conference is "Emergences: New Identities/New Technolog
Technologies."  The topic's emphases may then be understood as
encompassing, among others, the following areas of research:
1) The new technolgies (computer-based, satellite, interactive,
laserdisc, etc.) which are reshaping the field of film and
television studies.  Specific topics may include economic and
institutional analyses, historiographic efforts, epistemological
inquiries, text-based comparative studies.
2) Emergent identities (racial, class, gendered, sexual),
socially determined, culturally legible; the nomadic, syncretist
and transformative self-constructions represented in film,
television, and video.  Topics may range from theoretical
speculations to textual analyses.