According to The librarian is our friend.:
> Hi!  I'm an MLS student here in Albany and the editor of the student news-
> letter.  The theme for the March issue is Librarians and the Movies, in
> honor of the Academy Awards.
> I know Katherine Hepburn played a librarian in Desk Set and Goldie Hawn
> played one in Foul Play, but I know there must be more!  Also, how many
> movies have scenes shot in libraries?  Knowing minds want to inquire . . .
I do not recall the citation, but there are several articles on
the subject.  Try searching Library Literature or some such
index.  LJ used to also carry (or was it American Libraries) an
article that kept watch on the media for portrayals of
A few other suggestions off the top of my head...
You're a Big Boy Now
The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag
There are lots more which escape me just at the moment...
Good luck...
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