I learned something new about searching SCREEN-L's archive of past
messages today and thought I'd share it with the list.
As you may know, all messages posted on SCREEN-L are kept in an archive
at [log in to unmask]  These messages may be retrieved by searching
through the archive, though this is somewhat cumbersome.  You send e-mail
to [log in to unmask] (note:  not to [log in to unmask]) with a
series of commands for the listserver to perform.
Anyway, what I learned today is how to nab messages from a specific
range of days (or months or years).  What follows is what you would
put in e-mail to [log in to unmask] if you were interested in
messages from 1 February to 7 February 1993:
Database Search DD=SEARCH CPULIM=99:00 OUTLIM=10000
search * in SCREEN-L from 01 feb 93 to 07 feb 93
print all
In response to this mail, listserver will send you all these messages
and an index listing all of them.
Happy hunting.
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