Thanks to Jeremy and everyone else who replied to my
test message. I was also asked about "Knight Moves", the
movie I mentioned in my test message. I highly recommend
it to everyone who likes Chess and Murder mysteries. I should
have gotten more info on the movie, like who the director was
and stuff like that. Sorry. But the movie was out for a few weeks
and probably didn't do as good as it should have. It will
probably be out in video stores or on cable in a few months.
The real good performance in all this was from Daniel Baldwin
(Alec's brother). You really wanted to hate this guy as the
tough hardnosed detective who was more into harrassment
of Chris Lambert's character than being a good detective.
Great character actors in here too, like Tom Skerritt - he's
always good. Nobody cares how Diane Lane acts, she
just looks good in anything she does :-)
Anyway, it's a 8 out of 10 kind of movie. It could have been
better, but was entertaining enough to see.
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