I no longer have the original post, but the person looking for a script of
_Wings of Desire_ in German might check with whatever Goethe Institute is in
her region.  The Goethe Institutes are German-government-financed cultural
centers, located in the U.S. in New York, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, San Fran-
ciso, L.A. and Houston (also 4 in Canada), that have extensive libraries with
published film scripts for many new German films, as well as a lot of other
publications on German cultural productions not otherwise readily available
in the U.S.  The one in New York is called the "Goethe House"-- it's on 86th
and 5th Avenue, across from the Metropolitan Museum. (I think I recall the
post was from New York state.)
Hope this helps.
Ramona Curry
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University of Illinois