> Are all the positive reviews about the "Crying Game" that specifics and say
> "trust me" and go see it, just a new version of Hollywood hype?  Or is the
> film really as good as most critics claim?  I haven't seen it and remain most
> skeptical of what may just be clever plot gimmckry that has tricked critics
> o praising an average or so-so film as being truly extraordinary.
I liked it very much.  It's more than clever gimickry, it's got a point. It
has to do with male/female stereotyping and men's inability to confront
their  "feminine" nature, that love between two people transcends physical
sexuality, and all that "stuff" about perception and reality that film
people always like to talk about....and it has nice production values too.
It's not the best film of this generation, but definitely worth seeing.
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