On Thu, 18 Mar 1993 16:22:12 -0600 <IREJAP@GSUVM1> said:
>Are all the positive reviews about the "Crying Game" that specifics and say
>"trust me" and go see it, just a new version of Hollywood hype?  Or is the
>film really as good as most critics claim?  I haven't seen it and remain most
>skeptical of what may just be clever plot gimmckry that has tricked critics int
>o praising an average or so-so film as being truly extraordinary.
well, whether or not it was an "extraordinary" film is up for debate; i thought
it certainly thought-provoking at the least, and i thought that the acting
was excellent.  kudos should also go to miranda richardson's agent for getting
HER face plastered all over the print ads, instead of steven rea's, jaye david-
son's, or even forest whittaker's.
it's a film that'll make you think about "attitudes."  it was directed well,
it was acted wonderfully.  i didn't think that the plot was gimmicky.
larry schwartz, humanities librarian
north dakota state university
fargo, nd