I have not seen "We Do The Work" and so can not speak to the specifics here.
But, part of the reason we pay tax dollars into PBS is that it, theoretically,
provides programs of public service which could not survive in a competitive
marketplace. That is to say, PBS is supposed to represent cultural groups
which are too small to have a great deal of purchasing power and programs which
would not attract high ratings but which would be regarded as cultural
 enrichment or educational. I have serious suspicions about the whole
 enterprise. My
sense is that PBS has become the plaything of wealthy middle-brow Americans
and rarely takes chances anymore. But, I don't think we can accept as an
excuse for not airing worker-related programs that workers do not watch
PBS or that they do not watch in sufficient numbers to justify this programing.
Once we do that, the entire sham of PBS becomes obvious, and we should pull the