I waited a day before answering to you message, no offense, I was just
hoping that someone with more knowledge than what I have could answer
your question. However, since no one has, let me take a stab at it.
  Recently, for one of my classes, I had to do some preliminary research
for locating articles in communications journals.  One of the journals
I came across dealt with the Popular Culture Association (PCA).
  Here's what I have for you:
"The Journal Of Popular Culture"
           - the official publication of the PCA
           - also official publication of the MLA
           - available in both paperback and on microform
           - dedicated to the study of popular culture culture as both
             entertainment and as an avenue in society
"The Journal Of Popular Film and Television"
           -  originally known as only the "Journal of Popular Film"
              until 1979
           - deals mainly with subjective and thematic materials presented
             in modern day cinema and broadcasts
The Popular Culture Association is based upon the Popular Culture
department at BOWLING GREEN STATE UNIVERSITY in Bowling Green, Ohio.
This department, from what I have read, deals with popular culture,
popular music, art, film, tv, radio, animation, magazines, newspaper,
a major in rock and roll music, a major in pop culture, and a major in
jazz music understanding.
You can contact the department by writing to BGSU in Ohio. I don't know
the zip code or the exact address.
But, none the less, this should help you in your search.
michael k. kuentz  [log in to unmask] (CENTRAL MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY)
517-774-4539 (voice)