About a week ago, you posted instructions on how to
search the screen-l archive for messages from a particular
date range.  Is it also possible to search by full-text
word search?  If so, how?
In particular, you may remember, about a month (or more?)
ago, someone asked about a movie about a gold heist from
the Reichsbank at the end of world war II.  At the time,
I responded with "Kelly's Heroes" as it was all that came
to mind.  However, I think the movie they were actually
looking for was "Brass Target".
I would like to search the archives for the original request
(i.e., word search for Reichsbank or some such) to find
the original poster, without having to search through a month or
more of old messages.  Is there an 'easy' way to do this?
Thanks. Regards,