Not to be too picky, but I thought that TR failed to do a lot of things
that some of those writing about it seem to think it did simply because
its conceptions were (for lack of a better word) really sloppy.  One
trivial example:  when the guards discover Arnold's disguise upon his
arrival on mars, they open fire with weapons that pierce the dome, creating
a huge release of air.  They then struggle to (manually) close an  emergency
dome layer.  Give me a break!  If your survival depended on an absolutely
sealed dome you would not a) arm all the guards with dome-piercing
weapons nor b) have a manually operated dome-protection system if the dome
did get pierced.  There were some good action sequences in TR and I was
momentarily intruiged (particularly during the film's second to last
sequence when Quaid's "real" identity is revealed) by the identity issue,
but the film so frequently strained my ability to suspend disbelief that,
IMHO, the film failed to be a convincing exploration of the issues that it
seemed to be interested in.
-- Ben Alpers
   Princeton University