News stories, generally, are written, shot, and edited under the semblance
of objectivity.  The reason reporters stand out in front of the White
while reporting on the president is, not because of 'aesthetics,' but
because it places them in a position of an 'observer.'  It separates them
from the actual news and defines them as a spectator and non-bias gatherer
of information.  Audiences are less likely to challenge or doubt news
reporting of this sort -- and that is why this format is so heavily
The puprose of the journalist is to create news that people will believe --
this explains the 'universality' of modern news reporting.  If journaluists
covered stories like Wiseman covered High School, people would
undoubtedly doubt its integrity and the story would fail.  Today, the
networks have defined a formula for gathering news ... this formula
attempts to instill in the viewer a trust in what they're being told --
As viewers we are not asked to challenge what we're being told: rather,
we're supposed to accept is as honest and objective.
Ithaca College