I have studied this extensively in the last four or five hours, and I have
concluded that, based upon the theories of Freud and Spran (1920, revised
1993), the producers' underlining the 'o' in the opening credits reflects
a heightened desire for the female breast, augmented by a severe Nordic
variety of Castration Anxiety.  Furthermore, the producers are undergoing
an exacerbated phallic-regressive stage, marked by hatred for the objects
of their desires--namely, their own penises.
I think Jay Roygonyi's comment also points out an anal retentive quality
in the entire Northern Exposure production--e.g.:vowel movment--or the
producers' lack thereof.
Yes, a wrong has been committed.  It must be redressed!
                                        Rasta Li-mon
                                        Minoring in Self-Reflexive Psych.