>Has anyone else noticed the exclusive nature of the opening credits
>of Northern Exposure?  The...underlined "o" in Northern is repeated
>in the first "o" of every name in the credits.  The problem is that
>all five male characters...have an "o" in their names.  None of the
>four female characters listed in theopening credits do, however....
>Is this some kind of covert sexism based on vowels?
You're onto something here...this kind of typographic chauvinism and
orthographic insensitivity is a clumsy attempt to subvert all the
Affirmative Action gains of the past quarter century.  Remember, the
producers' previous hit was "St. Elsewhere" -- when the correct form
would have been "St./Ste. Elsewhere."
Surely there's a law that can be used to correct this deviant behavior.
All it would take is the tiniest of vowel movements.