I am chairing a workshop on "E-Sources and Media Studies," which is
scheduled for the first time slot -- Thursday, at about 12 noon.
I don't have a "paper" to post here, but I would like to encourage all
you "experts" who are now reading this to please attend!
My workshop participant, Diane Penkoff, and I will be presenting a
basic overview of "e-sources," so that people who would like to get
started can get an idea of what's out there (out here? :) ).
Depending on the turn-out, of course, the discussion may go beyond
"the basics."  I hope to have a lot of time for Q & A, so it would
be helpful if there were some "experienced" types in attendance to
add to the discussion.
I hope to see you there!
Maureen Furniss
P.s. If you can't make it, I will be easy to find later in the conference
because I will be at a table promoting _Animation Journal_ at various
times throughout the weekend.