Leonard Maltin's handy TV MOVIES AND VIDEO GUIDE, a listing of over
19,000 movies has been included in the CD-ROM disk, CINEMANIA (which also
includes biographical data on several hundred actors, directors, etc. and
lines of dialogue from films in the Turner collection (MGM, princpally)).
I was given this disk for Christmas by my folks and have noodled around
with it at work (fun?  you bet!), but I haven't tried it out at home yet
'cause my home computer is missing a key component:  a CD-ROM drive.
I'm right there on the edge, ready to buy it (mebbe with that old tax
refund?), but I'm feeling wary of multimedia computer stuff.  Can anyone
give me some pointers on purchasing CD-ROM drives?
(I've got a 386dx, IBM-compatible computer.)
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