Apparently, the big issue with HDTV is, of course, money.  By that
I mean that whoever can manage to get their system approved by the EC and
the USA--beit Zenith, NEWMUSE, or whatever, stands to make a mess of money.
The big if is: will all the nations every agree on one standard HDTV system.
And I think that this is supposed to be the most important aspect of HDTV.
Never before has the world had the opportunity to be linked together by
one monstrous communications system.  Of course, I know that US Business
would not stand for the FCC approving another nation's HDTV technology,
thus causing loss not only in the business and communications circles,
but social, cultural and maybe even religous circles.  whatever.
Anyway, that's my most recent thought on it.  what about anyone else?
                                Buck Jordan
                                Georgia Southern University
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