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dan streible
On Sat, 16 Jan 1993 [log in to unmask] wrote:
> I wonder if members of the list can help me with
> the following questions.  Forgive the number.
> 1.  Does anyone have a recent phone number for
> Direct Cinema?
> 2.  Does anyone know who distributes Godard's
> Weekend on 16mm?
> 3.  I have been asked to give a public talk at
> my university on The Good Mother, a film that I
> find fairly boring.  I thought however that it
> might be interesting to talk about it in terms of
> recent incarnations of the maternal  melodrama.  I'm
> interested in compiling a short list of recent
> (after 1980) maternal melodramas, films that
> center on the relationship between mother and
> child.  I will really appreciate any help I can
> get.
> Thanks in advance, Richard deCordova