Dan Streible and Teri Tynes will be leading the workshop/discussion
session at SCS Conference in Feb. entitled "Mediating Elections:  Teaching
Media and American Politics in 1992."  Our goal is to encourage discussion
of how we teach about media in the contest of American politics in
general, and elections in particular.
        What pedagogical strategies are appropriate?
        What readings, screenings, activities work in classrooms?
        How does one deal with conflicting political allegiances in class?
        What issues, problems and surprises were particular to the Fall 92
                semester/campaign?  How were new phenomena of the 92 campaign
                incorporated into existing curricula on media & politics?
We hereby encourage Screen-L subscribers to share preliminary ideas and
suggestions with us.  What topics would you like to hear discussed at this
        What structure would you find useful for the 90 minute session?
Our plans now are to be flexible and informal but any suggestions will be
Please contact us at
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